Telephone Contact Is Still Preferred

Most consumers who seek contact with the customer service of an organization prefer to do so by telephone. This is shown by BRW Groep research into the image of Dutch contact centers. 

Of the respondents, 55% had contacted an organization in the past six months to ask for a service question. Slightly more than half of the respondents (52%) prefer telephone contact, 29% choose e-mail and 14% prefer websites. The phone is the preferred channel because of its convenience, speed, habituation and familiarity. With just over a third (36%) of customer contacts, a correct answer is received at the first contact. On average, 3.4 calls must be made to get a satisfactory answer. Over half (55%) do not like it when offers are made during the service call. 

The respondents were asked to express the importance of a customer service department or customer contact in a grade. As an average, an 8.4 comes out of the bus. Also asked what the most common reasons are to contact an organization. At the top you can report a malfunction or defect (37%), followed by questions about invoices and requests for more information about products and services (both 24%).